Ok… Alright… First post.

Well, short version of why I decided to start this and drag my good friend Eric (sometimes referred to as Meister) along; Inspiration.

Nothing is is better for inspiration than having somewhere to put stuff and having someone to bounce your ideas off of.

So here we are. I’m trying to find a long-term career where I can be creative; Eric is attending a premier for a project that he took the lead on. I’m married and just bought a house in a quiet area of town; Eric is a bachelor living the big life in the Windy City. You could say we’re at different places in life.

We’ve been friends since college and wanted to challenge ourselves a little by starting a blog. Hopefully it will give both of us a place to get feedback on some things, bounce some ideas around, and who the hell knows, maybe we’ll get famous while we’re at it.