Hi there!

Me again. Remember how I told you there would be stuff from either Meister or Myself up here from time to time?

Well today I do you one better.  Meister needed some business cards for that fancy Premier I told you about last time. He was busy, so I put a little somethin’ somethin’ together for him. I blanked out his phone number because he wasn’t really sure he was ready to post that particular piece of info on the web for the world to see yet. So ignore the blue box at the bottom for design purposes.

Well I’ll shut up about it and just let you see it now.

Eh? Fancy.

Let us know what you think, or just email Meister and pay him exorbitant sums to animate or illustrate something for you. I bet he wouldn’t mind.


P.S. I wouldn’t mind being paid exorbitant sums either, but my skill set is a little less defined. Still, can’t hurt to ask right?