Here are some things I think you should like, whether in the Facebook induced digital button format, or by exploring them further and maybe even purchasing something.


Stephen Silver

Character artist, and the creator of Kim Possible and Danny Phantom. He creates some phenomenal characters. Really fun stuff.

Skottie Young

Comic book artist for Marvel. He also has a lot of individual project that are stunning. He’s recently been working on a comic/graphic novel version of The Wizard of Oz. Check him out. Very whimsical.


The Decemberists

A wonderful Folk/Alternative group for those of you who don’t mind odd instruments and complex lyrics. They just released a new album last week. It’s a little closer to a mainstream sound and might be a good place for a new listener to get started. They’re a great group for writers/teachers/lovers of the English language, or anyone who likes fancy words.

Vampire Weekend

A very catchy Alternative/BritPop group. A little strange, but I promise the songs are just difficult to turn off. I’m surprised I like them, but once I heard them I had to hear more.  For a reference, they did the song “Holiday” from all those Christmas car commercials. I feel like I should point out that “Holiday” is not actually about the Holidays. Also they don’t really have any songs about vampires, or weekends.

Everyone should enjoy the same things I enjoy.

I’m just kidding.

Kind of.