I made some drawings over the weekend.

I have these fancy Micron pens, with archival ink, that come in varying nib widths. These pens are fantastic for clean line work because the ink dries relatively quickly and then stays put. They also use a liquid in with a nib system instead of a ballpoint so there’s a smooth application of ink. They aren’t overly expensive, but they are a little pricier than your standard non-art pen.

I used these fancy pens to draw in a fancy Moleskine sketchbook. As far as I’m concerned, unless you have a specific paper or texture you prefer for sketching, or you really are against a paper with some coloring, (it has a manila-colored surface) they’re pretty much the most awesome little book to doodle in. I have the Large Sketchbook in case you care, but they also have lined books, plain books and ones that are bigger and smaller than the book I have.

Well, I said all of that just to kill time until we got here. There’s 2 pages, and neither one is particularly polished, but you’ll have that.

As per usual, feel free to chime in.

Here there be Monsters...

A Windmill, I guess

There we are.