That’s hardly a fair headline because Chris here has said nothing but nice things about me, and as it turns out I’m late to my own party.  As is already established, I’m Eric.  I’m not much of a talker and I had planned to make my first post a drawing.  That drawing is nearby and nearly finished, yet it’ll have to wait just a little longer before I can throw it up on the wall, as Chris has so eloquently put it.

I work for a small commercial animation studio and am at the mercy of project schedules and deadlines.  Which means whenever the wind changes I must set aside pet projects and put my nose to the light table and assist the other talented artists at the studio to make sure all is completed on time.  If there’s anything I’ve learned from my brief experience with the blogging way of life is that I’m relatively lazy.  Or as time ticks by blogs wait neglected.  That being said I hope I can do a bit better here, though with the better half of this blog posting much more regularly I don’t suppose any of you will stray for lack of content or interest.

Keeping things short and sweet I now must fly, but soon I’ll be back with some silly drawing in tow.