Well there goes my perfect attendance record.

I don’t have a doctor’s note, and my mom never even called the school. I have been truant and now I’m paying for my tomfoolery.

Basically I said “I’ll do it later I don’t have much to say” for the last two weeks.  Well, procrastination is an art, and I’m the next Caravaggio, or Van Gogh, or Van Eeyck, or Durer, or Donatello, or Da Vinci(Depending on your medium and style preference.)

Usually my procrastinating only serves to make my own life harder and give me something to complain about in the process. Now that I’m married to a beautiful, wonderful, sweet, and most of all, patient woman(Hello Dear); and I’m trying to write a blog for people to read; and I’m basically trying to act like a real, live adult; I’m finding procrastination isn’t really working out like it used to(Readers with an English background, feel free to mark up that last sentence with your red pens.)

Though I don’t deserve it, I hope you’ll forgive my absence and chalk it up to the dangers of reading the rantings of a madman on your fancy magic box. I also hope this can tide you over until I find something of real substance to talk with you about.  I promise I won’t try to pace myself or hold out for a slow day.