Should I get some sort of an award for managing to put off writing any sort of post for over a month? I’m guessing no.

I should harass Mr. Meister into writing. I know he’s been busy as he acquired some new responsibilities at work.

It’s the time of year where everything feels new and fresh. The weather begins to warm up and the sun comes out. Everyone is beginning to get excited for summer. At least when you don’t live in Ohio where the weather has decided to be completely off the wall for 2 weeks. I can’t complain too much about it being in the 40s or 50s when it was a pretty chilly winter, but I wish it wouldn’t go from 40 up to 65 then drop back  down and start raining. Still, most people can’t help but get excited for the sun and the warmth. Especially when it’s been cold and we’ve had lots of snow.

It’s especially interesting to my Wife and I this spring because this is the first spring in our first house. We’ve been pretty overwhelmed with all that it takes to get comfortable and maintain a house already. Now we’re adding in the outside of a house that neither one of us has much experience with. It’s just so confusing.

It’s also a time of year when we both tend to have plenty of things going on at work or otherwise that occupy a lot of our valuable processing skills.

I tend to be the kind of person that looks at a situation and says “Don’t worry, it will all be better when…” I can’t say how long I’ve been doing this, but I know I said it my senior year of high school, and all through college, and while we were living in an apartment. The trouble is, I never expect the new set of concerns that arise when the situation changes.  I thought I was busy in college.

This particular tendency also tends to leave me in a place where it’s hard to see the positive in the situation that I’m in, because I’m focusing on the negatives of now, and how those will change with the positives of later. It’s not so much that I’m negative all the time, just that I’m only positive later. It’s kind of a strange place to put oneself in when you’re always looking for the thing that will help what’s bothering you.

I would say it’s a bad case of “The grass is always greener…” but it’s a little different than that. I’m not so interested in what someone else has or some sort of major switch with what/where I’m currently at. I’m usually looking for an augmentation of the current circumstances. Maybe it’s a distinction that doesn’t need to be made.

In any case, I think it’s time to get a grill, put some beer in the fridge and find some time to enjoy the two of those things together.